We are a team of experienced professionals addicted to and inspired by technologies. We love our job and this is the reason for the good results, recognized by our customers. What we aim for is long term relationships and trust with the companies we work with. We believe this is the only way to achieve a sustainable and growing business model in the highly competitive environment nowadays.


Our past experience involves a number of projects and system integrations around the world. Being a partner of companies like Bynet Data Communications – a leading system integrator in Israel and Bynet Data Communications Bulgaria, we have the chance to operate in different locations and be involved into various tech fields to provide our services.


Our company is registered in Sofia, Bulgaria and this is the starting point for most of our projects. Bulgaria is part of the EU, NATO and WTA and has easy access to a number of markets like European Union, CIS, Turkey, Middle East and North African market. 

The country has the most favorable tax regime in Europe with a corporate and personal income tax rate of 10% that is the lowest in the EU. Its attractive position and highly educated work force provide a crucial advantage when choosing teams from Bulgaria for international outsourcing.

Our company has highly trained teams with good language and technical skills able to achieve extraordinary results in their job.


We have significant know-how in areas like system integration, system administration for enterprises, cybersecurity, IT outsourcing as well as digital marketing and web design.

We’ve completed various integration projects, for example, Secure DCN project with tens of sites in whole Europe, Complex Networking projects, Multitenant DDoS Mitigation Security platforms, Installation and configuration of wireless base stations over 1400+ km tracks to provide high speed Internet access in trains in Ukraine, Cellular Jamming Projects, Billing and many more.

And we do like travelling, having worked on projects in whole Europe, Asia, Israel and the Middle East.

If you’d like to join us and experience the high level of professionalism we involve into the services we offer, then welcome on board.  As a customer or as an experienced engineer inspired by technologies – we’ll be glad to hear from you.