Covering the whole project

Being a part of the leading system integrators in Bulgaria and Israel, our team has a vast experience in system implementation. We provide complete services to our customers covering all phases of any project thus turning ourselves into a single point of contact for the customer and our solutions into a reliable turnkey systems.

We have completed a huge number of projects in the fields of networking, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, computing, fiber and wireless infrastructure, billing, intelligent video surveillance, homeland security and many more…

To get to a successful completion, every project needs to progress over certain stages that we are able to target for our customers.

Understanding the requirements

This is the most critical part where we fully cooperate with our customers in order to understand what they need and when they need it. Our on-field expertise is highly valued by our partners. Compliance and integration is critical. Every feature and functionality follows strict evaluation procedure in order to be sure it will do its job and inter operate with the existing equipment. Proper project scaling also plays a major role in selecting the right products. Finding the right balance between investment costs, operational costs and abilities to expand is crucial. We never let our customers pay for features they do not need. We never let our customers purchase cheap equipment which is expensive to operate and support thus drastically increasing the total cost of ownership. We always aim to select sustainable products that will cover technological evolution and will be able to cover companies’ expansion for a reasonable amount of years.

Proof of concept

Proving to our customers that particular products or solutions can do what they are expected to do is an important step we always aim to fulfill. Staying side by side during the initial evaluation help us overcome any issues and makes our customers confident that their investment meets their expectations. Risk-free projects are always our top priority.

Project design

Having the exact, detailed and easily understandable documentation is what differs the perfect project from a good project. We always take a deep dive into the very detail to prepare a multi layered low level design accompanied by a summary of the most valuable information emphasized and summarized in the high level design. Our tables, schemes and explanations follow the world’s best practices in order to achieve an easy to follow documentation with the right guidelines that will quickly provide proper up-to-date information for the very specific task or procedure.

Delivery of the equipment

To have the equipment on time is important for us and our customers. The process of proper project planning requires avoiding any delays with the delivery. That’s why we always work closely and directly with the manufacturers and vendors to minimize the risks related to items availability, transportation process or Customs procedures. 

Products integration

The core of every project. We always involve highly trained engineers who are properly selected and have significant experience matching the field of the project. We always guarantee the engineers allocated are capable of executing the systems installation and integration in a professional, responsible and timely manner. Providing up-to-date information about the ongoing integration process combined with getting regular feedback from the customer is part of our never ending efforts to improve our customers’ experience and satisfaction.

Quality assurance and acceptance tests

To consider a work done, we always double-check the results after the installation. We always work together with the customer to assure the required functionalities are covered, the defined goals achieved and there is no negative impact on the existing systems.

Resolving any side effects is our top priority task and we never leave that behind.


Providing the right support to the customer is a business critical mission we fully understand. Being a reliable partner means being available 24/7 and be able to restore the operational state of the services as soon as possible. We are dedicated to keeping our customers happy. We consider our customers’ business as our own business. That personal attitude have always helped us thinking out of the box and turned us into a trusted partner you can always rely on.

There is nothing more important for us than leaving our customers satisfied. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need system integration and support