Cybersecurity and Information Safety

We provide a complete portfolio of solutions covering all aspects of cybersecurity and protection from various kinds of today’s threats.

Cyber threats nowadays are countless – DDoS attacks, viruses, malware, exploits, ransomware, theft of data or even social engineering. Cyber protection is not a single product or system. Rather, it’s a vision and a strategy a customer should strictly follow in order to minimize the risks and impacts that by the end of the day turn into reputation or monetary damages.

In order to keep our customers protected we help them build the cybersecurity design, provide the right solutions and products for them, educate them and monitor their services day by day. Thus our customers have the ability to focus on their business related tasks and feel secure they have a partner of trust.

Our portfolio includes an advanced set of tools to eliminate and protect against cyber threats. To name some of them:

Next Generation Firewalls

Protecting the boundaries of the organization against various threats on network and application layer including antivirus, antispam, ips, application control, botnet control and more.

By Integrities and Fortinet, Juniper, Checkpoint, Cisco and more.

Attacks Simulations

Sending an attack simulation to our customer companies’ personnel in order to intelligently provide cyber training to the employees, day by day, to reliably recognize threats and thus protect the organization from the most vulnerable element – its untrained employees.

By Integrities.

Data Leakage Protection

A solution to keep companies’ data safe. With this solution you are able to reliably control which devices can be connected to your company’s laptops/computers to any of their ports (USB, firewire etc.) and what type of files can be transferred from/to those devices.

By Integrities and Safend.

Encryption Solutions

Solutions for laptops/computers, flash drives or external drives to reliably protect against information leakage in case of device theft. With this solution we help companies achieve GDPR compliancy.

By Integrities and Safend.

Anti DDoS solutions

On premise and cloud based solutions to intelligently neutralize malicious traffic overloading your servers. The advanced systems we use operate via a combination of a behavioral and a signature based protection together with intelligent challenge-response mechanisms in order to detect and block only the malicious traffic while keeping and reliably serving the legitimate traffic and users.

By Integrities and Radware. 

Network Access Control Solution

Advanced solutions for controlling the access to the enterprise network by controlling the ports of the switches and the WiFi Access Points. Filtering in/out the devices connected to the corporate network via intelligent policies, taking into consideration the type of device, its health status (security updates installed, OS updates installed etc.), device/user authentication credentials and more…

By Integrities and Portnox.

Network Security Map and Integrated Vulnerability Detection

An advanced solution for scanning all network elements in the customer company like firewalls, routers and applications running on servers and finding out any possible way to attack a company’s resource (ex. providing remote access to employee X requires a new firewall policy but enabling it will also allow access to server Y which misses a security update Z and that may provide a backdoor to the company’s infrastructure).

By Integrities and Skybox.

Multilayered Mail and File Security Solution


A solution protecting against vulnerable mails and files entering the organization – complete scanning and up to 35 layers of decompression of all incoming files. Automatic double conversion of file types to eliminate hidden malicious scripts (ex. *.doc->*.pdf->*.doc). This solution can be realized as a protected kiosk for a secure and single point of entry for all files arriving in the organization.

By Integrities and SASA Software.

Endpoint Control

Software solutions for 24/7 control and visibility of the computers and devices in the corporate network. Monitor and find out not updated devices, devices using remote control software like TeamViewer, password unprotected devices, devices with torrent clients installed and many more.

Remotely fix issues with devices and automatically apply policies for making them compatible with standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX frameworks, ISO27001, COBIT and more.

By Integrities and Promisec.

Do you need cybersecurity?

No doubt! Antivirus and a simple firewall is not enough. Every company that doesn’t want to lose its data and start everything from the scratch needs to take additional measures beforehand.

We are here to help you with everything necessary to secure your business. Never underestimate the invisible threats. Educate your employees with the right tools in order to minimize or better – completely eliminate the possible damages.