Digital Marketing and SEO
In today’s business having strong presence online is crucial for any company’s success. Marketing is not pen and paper anymore. If you wish to boost your growth you need to target all those customers who spend hours each day in the Internet, on a PC or most likely on their smartphone. As eCommerce market is expected to reach 22% share of the total global retail market by 2023, this is definitely a not-to-miss opportunity. The effect of COVID-19 pandemic has brought even more acceleration to eCommerce sales which are expected to exceed $6.54 by 2022. By 2040, 95% of all retail purchases will likely be online. We have years of experience in all areas that build up the digital marketing and online sales cocktail like:

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize companies’ websites content, internal and external links and social presence to become among the first in the search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Search engine optimization has never been more important for your business than now.


We will never leave you write the texts for your site on your own. Finding the right balance between keywords and useful information is crucial for your site’s ranking. 

Our professionals will prepare all the content you need in the proper way in order to attract more customers and boost you presence in the top search results for the keywords people search for.

Social Media and Blogging

We can take care of your company’s strong presence in the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more thus generating real sales from those portals directly. We will also boost your brand and relations with your customers by professionally managing your blogs and post in forums.


Prepare the right advertising campaigns and be among the first shown ads on Google for any keywords you wish. Reduce your costs per click or cost per impression/view by using customized and well prepared advertisements and target them to the right audience.

Pay only for clicks by real potential customers.

Online advertising

Finding the right online media to target your advertisement and place your banners is crucial for your sales and business growth. Never miss the sites people visit. Never miss potential buyers. Never spend money for non-profitable advertising.

Online public relations

We have a team especially educated to manage your communication with your customers. From a reply to a request for offer, to communication in Facebook messenger or even a direct phone call – we are here to do it professionally and lock that customer in the long term for you.

For any inquiries or need of offer please contact us directly. Our positive team will take your wishes personally and will respond in a fast and professional way.