Web design or web site building is a significant part of our portfolio of complex IT services. Being online is a fingerprint of the digital era we live in. That’s why being web present not only as a user but as a seller is an important step for most businesses nowadays.

Web Design

We help our customers increase their revenue from the Internet by providing them with professional websites and online trading platforms. We always meet our customers face-to-face, carefully evaluate their requirements and advise them in order to find the right balance between website functionalities, fancy design and reasonable costs. Thus we optimize the whole process to guarantee the fastest possible return of investment while at the same time achieve an attractive and sustainable model.

Whether it is a company website, a portfolio, a blog or an online shop, we have all the tools to provide you with a quality and working product that is ready to emphasize your brand or start selling directly. The range of web platforms we build starts from small template based sites using content management systems like WordPress or Joomla to highly customized websites specifically developed element by element covering all our customer’s wishes.


The online stores we build have:

  • Modern, responsive, mobile friendly design
  • Flexibility allowing our customers to organize the product catalogues in a variety of ways according to plenty of features, item characteristics and categories
  • Scalability allowing high level of future growth of the purchases and portfolio
  • Integration with various payment methods in order to make each purchase as smooth as possible
  • User friendly administrative interface so the customer can manage his shop easily thus being able to entirely focus on the sales
  • High level of security protecting the data of the end customers
  • SEO optimized content so the website can rank on the first page of Google search results (for more info check our digital marketing section)

So, if you have some business but still haven’t taken the first step to your online presence, we’ll be glad to service you and welcome you as our customer.