why us

International outsourcing takes a major part of our ongoing business. We have teams of experienced professionals capable of fulfilling complex tasks and complete projects in the fields of IT, cybersecurity, networking, web design, digital marketing and more.

We’ve been directly involved into a great number of system installations and integrations around the world. Being a partner of integrators like Bynet Data Communications Israel and Bynet Data Communications Bulgaria, we’ve successfully completed a series of projects in countries like Israel, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Indonesia, Iraq (Kurdistan region) and more.

Our expert teams have excellent technical and language skills and are able to cover a variety of areas:

  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT and computing
  • Wireless and microwave installations
  • Intelligent CCTV with video analytics
  • Web design
  • Digital marketing
  • Remote and onsite support of 3rd party systems and installations in the above fields

Why outsourcing in Bulgaria

Why outsourcing in Bulgaria is good for your business? Bulgaria is among the top 15 outsourcing destinations in the world and the second most preferable outsourcing destination in Europe (A.T. Kearney 2017 Global Services Location Index). The country is a member of the European Union, NATO and WTO. Bulgaria has the most favorable tax regime in Europe with a corporate income tax rate of 10% that is the lowest in the EU. Personal income tax is 10 %, flat rate. The country has one of the most competitive costs of labor in Central and Eastern Europe. Located at the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a strategic logistics hub. The country has direct access to the following markets:
  • European Union – zero tariff market with population of 500 million
  • CIS – still not well penetrated market with a high potential
  • Turkey – zero tariff market of near 80 million population
  • Middle East – a market with high purchasing power
  • North African market
Work force is well educated, highly skilled and multilingual. Most of the partners admit working with teams from Bulgaria brought additional level of quality into their projects and resulted in much better end-customer satisfaction.

It’s our pleasure to assist you and help you successfully complete your projects. You will get highly educated tech teams while at the same time cutting your costs. Bring more value to your business and let us prove why you can really trust us.