System Administration and IT Support

Providing complete end-to-end administration to enterprises of all sizes – from small to large. Over the years our team has gathered plenty of experience in managing integrated IT systems, networking and entire computing for various enterprises based in Bulgaria and Europe. We combine our efforts to cover not only the most typical and well-known systems installed as part of a typical enterprise IT infrastructure but specific products, hardware and software solutions that are customized with features for that particular customer.

Our professional approach and personal attitude towards our customers is our main differentiator. We believe in the long term trusted relationships and we realize that in order to succeed, we need to fully understand what the customer needs and try to put ourselves into our customers’ shoes. We never leave a problem behind and we always take it personally.  These are the main reasons our partners value us and this is our main motivator to continue improving our services.

We have know-how and professional knowledge in the following fields:


Vendor independent networking products and interoperations between them. Our experience covers manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell, Fortinet and many more.

We do understand the underlying networking infrastructure and technologies of the enterprises – from routing and switching, through monitoring of the ISP demarcation points to L2, L3 and IPSEC VPNs and controlling the remote access.


Managing all layers of security – from the infrastructure, through the network to the applications – we have you covered.

Our solutions combined with our ability to educate our customers’ personnel provide a full set of protection against various vulnerabilities and attacks.

For more information please visit our cybersecurity section.

Server infrastructure

Complete portfolio of services to keep your day to day business operations up and running no matter of the underlying platform – Linux or Windows.

We understand our customers should focus onto their business and not on the complex IT processes and machines running in the background. This is our responsibility and this is what we are good at.

Our expertise covers directory services, mail services, file sharing, DHCP, DNS, enterprise PKI, virtualization – configuration and support of various kinds of hypervisors – VMware vSphere/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM and more.

Wireless infrastructure and BYOD

Configuration and maintenance of the wireless infrastructure on an enterprise level covering vendors like HPE Aruba, Ruckus, Cisco Meraki and more. Dealing with various levels of controlled and protected access to the wireless network of the company – hotspots, captive portals, certificate based authentication – we know what you need.

Storage and backup

Taking care of companies’ data and dealing with all kinds of SAN interfaces like Fiber Channel, Fiber Channel over Ethernet, iSCSI.

What’s crucial for you is crucial for us. And it’s all about data. That is why we never leave your data unprotected and taking care of your on premise or cloud based regular and consistent backups is an important part we never forget.

In today’s busy days, the proper storage and backup services we provide will give you the necessary time and confidence to deal with what’s most important to you.

Software and portals, databases

Support and configuration of different software our customers use including the databases required. Even the best software always needs some regular maintenance, optimization and customization according to the specific environment in the specific enterprise. We never let our customers deal with that on their own.

Being able to cover all these fields, you can be sure that your business is in professional and caring hands. If you need such services you can rely on us at any time.