System Integration

System Integration and Support

Being a part of the leading system integrators in Bulgaria and Israel, our team has a vast experience in system implementation. We provide complete services to our customers covering all phases of any project thus turning ourselves into a single point of contact for the customer and our solutions into a reliable turnkey systems.

We have completed a serious number of projects in the fields of… (read more)

System Administration and IT Support

IT Administration for Enterprises

Providing complete end-to-end administration to enterprises of all sizes – from small to large. Over the years our team has gathered plenty of experience in managing integrated IT systems, networking and entire computing for various enterprises based in Bulgaria and Europe.

We combine our efforts to cover not only the most typical and well-known systems installed as part of a typical enterprise IT infrastructure but specific products, hardware and software solutions that are customized with… (read more)

Cybersecurity and Information Safety


We provide a complete portfolio of solutions covering all aspects of cybersecurity and protection from various kinds of today’s threats.

Cyber threats nowadays are countless – DDoS attacks, viruses, malware, exploits, ransomware, theft of data or even social engineering. Cyber protection is not a single product or system. Rather, it’s a vision and a strategy a customer should strictly follow in order to minimize the risks and… (read more)

Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing and SEO

In today’s business having strong presence online is crucial for any company’s success. Marketing is not pen and paper anymore. If you wish to boost your growth you need to target all those customers who spend hours each day in the Internet, on a PC or most likely on their smartphone. As e-commerce market is expected to reach 15,5% share of the total global retail market by 2021, this is definitely a not-to-miss opportunity.

We have years of experience in all areas that build up the… (read more)

Web Design and Websites Building

Web Sites Development

Web design or web site building is a significant part of our portfolio of complex IT services. Being online is a fingerprint of the digital era we live in. That’s why being web present not only as a user but as a seller is an important step for most businesses nowadays.

We help our customers increase their revenue from the Internet by providing them with professional websites and online trading platforms. We always meet our customers face-to-face, carefully evaluate… (read more)

IT Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

International Outsourcing

International outsourcing takes a major part of our ongoing business. We have teams of experienced professionals capable of fulfilling complex tasks and complete projects in the fields of IT, cybersecurity, networking, web design, digital marketing and more.

We’ve been directly involved into a great number of system installations and integrations around the world. Being a partner of integrators like Bynet Data Communications Israel and Bynet Data Communications Bulgaria, we’ve successfully… (read more)